An analysis of the endangered mermaids the manatees

They resemble the kind of lumpy, overfed-looking creature that would result from the illicit union of a dolphin and a monk seal.

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Tossed in the water by As a result, a large proportion of manatees exhibit spiral cutting propeller scars on their backs, usually caused by larger vessels that do not have skegs in front of the propellers like the smaller outboard and inboard-outboard recreational boats have.

Recent testing[ citation needed ] shows that manatees may be able to hear speed boats and other watercraft approaching, due to the frequency the boat makes. Innumerous sick manatees were accounted for and researchers believe this was due to the accumulation brevetoxins in filter-feeding organisms attached to seagrass blades, which are a popular diet for manatees.

They are now even identified by humans based on their scar patterns. Research indicates that when a boat has a higher frequency the manatees rapidly swim away from danger.

Accurate population estimates of the Florida manatee T. Habitat destruction has damaged the estuarine seagrass communities on which manatees depend. As of June 20, the current red tide bloom spreads from Pasco county to Collier County off the West coast of Florida.

Menu From Mermaids to Manatees: In some parts of the Caribbean and South America, manatees are still hunted for food. The lips use seven muscles to manipulate and tear at plants.

Studies suggest that Florida manatees need access to fresh water for proper regulation of water and salts in their bodies. To be fair, he did acknowledge they were a whole lot uglier than the stated lore [source: The lungs of sirenians are unlobed, [30] they, along with the diaphragmextend the entire length of the vertebral column, which help them control their buoyancy and reduce tipping in the water.

Manatees are capable of understanding discrimination tasks and show signs of complex associative learning. This may be the result of irritations from or protection against their hypotonic freshwater environment.

They have also been known to lunge at each other.

Are manatees really responsible for mermaid myths?

Apart from mothers with their young, or males following a receptive female, manatees are generally solitary animals. It states, In the absence of any new management action, that is, if boat mortality rates continue to increase at the rates observed sincethe situation in the Atlantic and Southwest regions is dire, with no chance of meeting recovery criteria within years.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in the region, hunting was already an established trade, although this is less common today. Born at the Miami Aquarium and Tackle Company on July 21,Snooty was one of the first recorded captive manatee births. Their natural source for warmth during winter is warm, spring-fed rivers.

In addition, chemical pollution has impaired the immune systems of marine mammals, and the manatees may have become more vulnerable to infection as a result. Many times the creature would flip over, leaving it vulnerable to further attacks.

Manatees have an infinite supply of teeth moving in from the back and shedding in the front, which are continuously formed by a dental capsule behind the tooth-row.

When anterior molars wear down, they are shed. Some residents of West African countries, such as Mali and Chad, depend on the oil of the African manatee to cure ailments such as ear infections, rheumatismand skin conditions.

Like cetaceans, the hind limbs are internal and vestigial. Manatees also die by getting entangled in nets or other fishing gear or by eating fish hooks. Manatees are beautiful, graceful creatures, but can they ever toe-to-toe with the mystique of mermaids?

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In Florida ina winter survey found 2, manatees; ina January survey found 2, and a February survey found 1, Speed limits in waterways can help manatees by giving them enough time to avoid collisions and reducing the severity of collisions when they do occur.

Citizen Involvement Citizens are helping to preserve manatees through the Save the Manatee Club, an organization co-founded by singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffet. The forelimbs are paddle-like flippers which aid in turning and slowing.

In Januarythe U.Manatees (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows. There are three accepted living species of Trichechidae, representing three of the four living species in the order Sirenia: the Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis), the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus), and the West African manatee.

From Mermaids to Manatees: the Myth and the Reality Mermaid mythology is quite varied, with mermaids taking on many different appearances, origins, and personalities. (IUCN) has listed all three species of manatees as vulnerable to extinction, and a few manatee subspecies as endangered.

Mistaken for Mermaids? A Closer Look at Manatees but studies using biochemical analysis of proteins have demonstrated that the closest modern relatives of sirenians are elephants, aardvarks, and small mammals known as hyraxes. Because of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and endangered species status that has been bestowed upon.

Manatees Depending on when you read this lesson the West Indian manatee, found in the U.S., a gentle and slow moving aquatic mammal, may be back on the endangered list.

Are manatees beautiful, graceful and majestic enough to be mistaken for mermaids? Learn more about manatees and the mermaid myth at HowStuffWorks. Mar 31,  · Watch video · Manatees are considered an endangered species; the gentle "sea cows" have no natural enemies but suffer from human-related fatalities such as collisions with watercraft.

Its greatest threat is.

An analysis of the endangered mermaids the manatees
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