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This refers to growing of two or more different crops in sequence in a field for maintaining the soil fertility. It also leads to a decline in the value of the land as it changed from productive farmland to wasteland.

The physical land qualities and characteristics of each land unit were compared with the requirements of 13 major crops of the study area and suitable crops for each unit were identified.

Soil erosion takes place when soil is removed faster than it is formed. Precipitation is the most forceful factor causing erosion.

This has been defined as the decline in soil quality caused through its misuse by human activity. Causes of Soil Erosion: Almost invariably, however, it is those ecosystems, in equilibrium with their environment, which offer most effective protection to the soil that supports them.

Keeping Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO guidelines as a reference, as many as homogenous micro-land units were prepared.

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Gullies deepen with rainfall, cut the agricultural lands into small fragments and make them unfit for cultivation. Effects of Soil Erosion: Porous soils with good water-absorbing capacity are least subject to erosion, while the impervious soils are gradually eroded by the action of water.

Short Essay on the Soil Erosion & Its Conservation

More recently an event of major significance was the dustbowl which occurred in the Great Plains of the American Midwest during the s. These are as follows: The vegetative cover protects the soil from the beating and dispersing action of the raindrops by forming a canopy over the soil surface.

Process of Soil Erosion: This type of erosion takes place when the run-off water, laden with soil flowing along the slopes, forms fingerlike channels. Ploughing fields in the traditional up and down manner along the slopes makes it easier for running water and wind to cause erosion. The top-soil is lost by erosion which is the most fertile section, having evolved over centuries of soil-forming processes.

First, many land use practices leave the soil devoid of a protective vegetation cover, or with only a partial cover, for significant periods of time and second, they involve mechanical disturbance of the soil. Due to these bad effects, the yields are lowered.

The establishment of appropriate and comprehensive soil conservation and land husbandry programmes is further hindered by the small size of land-holdings and the large number of farmers involved Table At the global scale, it is estimated that unless soil conservation measures are introduced on all cultivated land, million ha of potentially productive rain-fed crop land will be lost and agricultural production expected to decrease by almost 20 per cent, by the year In many instances, these have led to a serious decline in soil quality and productivity and it is only in recent decades that the finite nature of soil as a resource has become widely recognised.

In a study of the impact of grazing on soils of the Savanna region of Nigeria, for example, Aweto and Adejumbobi attribute enhanced surface run-off and erosion to compaction of the soil and destruction of the protective vegetation cover by grazing animals and to the adoption of inappropriate burning strategies.

Animal grazing is dependent upon either natural or man-sown grasses and herbs, which are eaten by the cattle, sheep, goats or horses.

Soil Erosion

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The selected Andipatti watershed, located in Theni district in the State of Tamil Nadu Indiais known for agricultural activities; however, haphazard planning, management practices and inadequate investments result in land and water resource degradation.

After the ladangs are abandoned the forest is allowed to grow again, and, if the plot is not cleared again for a long time about 20 yearsthe rest or fallow period is long enough for the soil to regain its humus and mineral content.Included: environment essay india essay content.

Preview text: The removal of soil by running water and wind is known as soil erosion. The soil-forming process and the erosional process of running water and wind are continuous.

Generally, there is a balance between these two processes. The rate of.

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Soil erosion modeling is able to consider many of the complex interactions that influence rates of erosion by simulating erosion processes in the watershed. Soil erosion model is a necessary tool to predict excessive soil loss and to help in implementation of erosion control strategy [2].

Erosion of soil by water is quite significant and takes place chiefly in two ways (a) Sheet erosion, (b) Gully erosion. (a) Sheet movement of water causes sheet erosion and depends on the velocity and quantity of pronounced surface runoff and the erodability of the soil itself.

?Soil erosion Essay. Soil erosion This is the loss of topsoil by wind and water -?Soil erosion Essay introduction. It is a natural process, happening all the time, but usually slowly because of the protective covering of vegetation.

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Precipitation is the most forceful factor causing erosion.

Essay on Soil Erosion | Environment

Erosion is dependent on the amount, duration, intensity and frequency of rainfall. By the action of dashing rain drops on soil, soil granules are loosened, detached and separated into fine particles.

Erosion is greater where the rainfall is.

What is soil erosion essay
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